Wooly-Wooly Quilt Pattern



Make this fun Wooly sheep project this weekend.

This adorable duo is available for you to download today at Craftsy.com

Pearl and Wooly-Wooly

Photoshoot crasher!

How it all started…

This little quilt was made out of 100% recycled wool. I used felted sweaters and other clothing to make this primitive little wall hanging. It was so popular with my friends and family that they all encouraged me to make it into a quilt pattern.

Wooly Wooly in Wool

The Original Wooly-Wooly

I know a lot of quilters don’t work in wool so I wanted to remake the quilt in a way that all quilters could enjoy it.

So, many many days later…. I finally finished the pattern.

It takes quite awhile from idea to prototype to writing instructions and testing and revising and editing.

Here is a close up.


If you like “Country” , “Primitive” , or “Folk Art” ; this is the pattern for you.


Did I mention there are full directions for a table runner too?

I always want to give my customers a little more.

Pictures to come soon….


This pattern lends itself to your personal touches. It can be made in cottons, flannels, or especially wools.

The little flowers along the bottom look great done in applique or substitute buttons or yo-yos.

Take this pattern and combine it with your favorite tote bag or pillow pattern and you have a wonderful conversation starter or perfect gift for that extra special someone.

This pattern will be available for a limited time at the introductory price of just $4.50 for a pdf download at Craftsy. I will be adding it to Etsy and Patterspot in the near future, but I like Craftsy the best because it is available to download over and over and if I ever update the pattern to (add more cool stuff) you get all the changes!

Won’t you give these little guys a good home?

Have a Quilty Day!


3 thoughts on “Wooly-Wooly

  1. kate Green

    Really wanted to buy this pattern as my sister loves balck face sheep and was going to surprise her. tried to order it but the designer does not except paypal from outside USA. So disappointed.

    1. Michelle Sargent Post author

      Hi Kate, I wasn’t aware that my Paypal account was set up that way. I have made some changes so it should work now. I am so glad you let me know. I hope you will try again and that your sister will enjoy the little Wooly sheep. Please let me know if you have any further problems so I can fix them. Michelle

      1. kate Green

        Hi Michelle,

        Thank you for the quick reply. !!! I have order “Wooly Wooly” this morning and it has gone through with paypal with no problems. Thank you

        Kate from Australia


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