What are you watching?


The evenings are the time for me to do handwork. My husband likes to watch TV in the evenings after a hard day of work and he likes to have me near him. (He says he gets lonely.) I usually have a project going or surf the web, but I like have to be doing something.

I don’t especially like watching TV. I think the main reason for this is that my husband is a chronic channel changer. Last night we watched “The Big Nicholas Bang Nickleby Theory”. If you have a husband like mine you know what I mean.

I joked with my husband that if I had a nickel for every time that he changed the channel, I would be able to buy myself a new Bernina Sewing Machine.

I love him just the same…


My evening work

Here is a peek at what I was working on last night.

Happy Quilting,


  1. Kay Lynne says:

    My husband is the same way :) I love your the little peek of your work!

  2. Jean Romack says:

    Too funny about the channel changing. At night Im in control of the remote otherwise I would be going through the same problem. Your appliques are looking great.

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