What are you afraid of?


Imagine being 11 years old and sitting in a movie theater to enjoy the last of an epic film trilogy. That was my DD #3. We stood in line forever to see the last of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. She was so excited to be going to the movies with her older sisters (and mom), little did she know that this would be the beginning of a life long fear. (She is only 19 years old now, but to them it seems like forever.)


Her new found fear?




Up to this point in her life I was convinced I had a budding entomologist on my hands. My daughter loved bugs, but everything changed that December evening. When Shelob’s hairy legs made an appearance and the grown man next to her spilled his soda all over himself and probably her too a great dislike of those little creatures was born.

Don’t worry, her fear of spiders is under control and hasn’t ruined her life or anything like that.


My Shelob….


I don’t know when my fear began. I know that I signed up for the Free Motion Quilting Challenge (FMQ challenge) this year because I wanted to master this facet of quilting.


It all began in January with leaves. It was wonderful. I was practicing my self imposed 30 minutes a day. I was making great progress.


Next came February. I could hardly wait for the new tutorial to post. The exciting day came when Sew Cal Gal made the announcement that the next tutorial was up and ready to view.  I clicked the link and when the page loaded my heart fell into my shoes. Diane Gaudynski was sharing how to make feathers.




I read the introduction to the tutorial and said “How nice, I can’t wait to get started.”  Then I found every excuse not to finish reading the tutorial.

  • I had taxes to do
  • I needed to clean the cellar
  • I needed to work on my seed order for our garden
  • I had so much to do

I was doing everything and anything to stay out of my sewing room.

Today is February 12, 2012. I haven’t sat down to sew for 12 days! Okay, I admit it I am a little afraid of feathers. They are so advanced!  I am just a beginner.


Well today I decided to finish reading the tutorial. I have to tell you that Diane does a wonderful job of explaining how to make feathers. I actually feel like maybe I can make feathers now.


Is there something that you are afraid of that is keeping you from doing what you love?  Just do it. You already fail if you don’t try. So try!!!


I lost 6 hours of practice by procrastinating about these stupid feathers. ( 1/2 hour a day for 12 days.) What am I afraid of? I don’t have to show anyone my first efforts. I’m sure after 6 hours I could possibly, maybe, stitch a pretty decent feather.


How about you? Come on let’s go ruffle some feathers and slay some spiders……


Happy Quilting,



  1. Kay Lynne says:

    Just practice and I highly suggest drawing on a sketch pad. I really makes a difference. I have some other advice on my blog at http://kayzquiltz.blogspot.com/2012/02/feathers-in-fmq-challenge-with-diane.html

  2. [...] This has been an exciting week for me. I actually finished my February challenge and I am pleasantly surprised by the results. If you follow my blog you will remember that I posted about my fear of  feathers here. [...]

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