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poinsettia applique

Secrets to Sucessful Applique

poinsettia applique

Poinsettia Applique in Process


Does that word stir up feelings of excitement or fear?

I have noticed that quilters either love or hate applique.

Personally, I love applique. I find it very relaxing to have some handwork available to do at anytime.

The true secret to successful applique is …..

Try lots of different techniques until you find the one that is perfect for you or a combination of different techniques that work for you.

I have been practicing the craft for many years and have tried lots and lots of techniques.

There is

  • needle turn
  • fusible
  • back basting
  • reverse
  • take-a-way
  • raw edge it goes on and on.

My applique style is a mix of many styles.

Today, while searching for a little advice for placement, which is one thing that can drive me crazy from time to time. I discovered a wonderful little blog.

Erin Russek designs wonderful, colorful appliques. She also has a great technique for starching her applique pieces. I’ve done this with circles before like Karen K. Buckley, but I had never tried it on ALL my pieces.

I have to say, I tried it, and the results are stunning.


My own tips for successful applique..

  • Good lightning.
  • Good thread. I suggest a quality thread like Aurifil 50 wt or silk 100 wt thread. I used to use only silk, but now I am switching over to Aurifil because it is much more versatile. You can use it for applique, and it is great for general piecing because it is thin enough that it doesn’t affect your seam.. It is strong, and not linty at all. It is a great thread available in lots and lots of yummy colors.
  • Good Needles. I like a thin “Straw” or “Sharp” size 10 or 11, but needles are like sewing machines, you need to try several to find the one you like the best.

I hope you will try applique for yourself and see how truly enjoyable it is.

Packages, How we love them….


Little Snowman

Snowman in progress

Two days = Two Packages!

One I was expecting, the other, a complete surprise.


The first was a package of wonderful woolfelts. I love working with wools.

I have two classes coming up next month involving wools. I need to make up kits for my students.


1. Wool is hard to come by here where I live.

2. It is kind of on the expensive side.

3. Find enough for 30 students. HA!

so I decided to take the plunge and try woolfelt. I have heard it was great, but I am a purist and like to stick with only the real stuff.

My package arrived yesterday. I’m thrilled with what was inside.

Wool Wool Wool

Wool Wool Wool


The best part is that Prairie Point Junction is having a sale right now through midnight October 30th. 20% off everything! Check it out for yourself at http://www.prairiepointjunction.com

I’m not affiliated with them or anything, I am just a really happy customer.


Here are a few of my wool projects

Poinsetta Ornament

This is silk ribbon embroidery on wool

Star Wool Ornament

Red and Beige Star


Now the second package was a complete surprise. I recently had an opportunity to subscribe to a quilting magazine through my local quild. Soon I got a letter thanking me and asking if I would like to get another year for just $12.00. I said yes right away. That is a steal! 6 issues for $12.00!

Anyway yesterday my little package was a thank you for renewing. It contained 3 fullsize spools of sulky rayon threads. These alone probably cost $12.00. What a deal.

Sulky Surprise

Sulky Surprise

This company is taking seriously the advice to take care of your customers. I will definitely recommend them to others.

Got to go now,

Happy Quilting