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Mix it up

Do you mix-it-up? I mean do you mix machine work and hand work. I try to keep one of each project going at all times.

If you have been reading my blog you would think that I am a real machine enthusiast. If you knew me in person, you would probably wonder who is writing this blog….

In fact among my quilting friends I am perceived as quite the traditionalist. My loves are applique and crazy quilting with a strong emphasis on silk ribbon and beading. ūüôā I confess, I love handwork!

The problem with handwork is that it is time consuming. I just can’t get done everything I want to get done. (And I am not just talking about quilting, if you catch my drift.)

I am working to learn the art of machine quilting in hopes of upping my total finished projects, but….

I still love a good old needle and thread job.

  • Handwork is portable.
  • Handwork can be done at otherwise wasted minutes and hours.
  • It makes the hubby happy. I reach over and rub his feet every now and then when I’m sitting on the couch at night¬†watching¬†listening to the television.
  • It is worth the effort.

I really do find it rewarding!

My mom picked up this little kit and pattern about 3 weeks ago at the last Vermont Quilt Festival. I was able to finish the entire mat in just a few days. It is addictive.The Cat's Meow

It is called “The Cat’s Meow Candle Mat” by Bareroots. I just LOVE¬†her style. The mat is very small. It’s finished size is only 8″ in diameter.

It probably isn’t very practical, but it is adorable.

It only take 3 very simple stitches to be able to complete this project.

  • The Whip Stitch
  • The ¬†Back Stitch
  • The ¬†French Knot

Tutorials for these stitches are coming soon….

I can’t resist a few closeups. (I’m like a grandmother….he he.)

Gray and White Kitty

The tiny mouse was fun to stitch.Siamese KittyThe mouse measures 1/2″ x 1/4″! It is tiny.




Playful Calico

Quick, the mouse is getting away!

Do you have a preference of hand or machine work, or are you like me and like to have a little of both going at the same time?

Well it is VERY HOT in this non-air conditioned¬†sewing room, so until next time…. Happy Stitching!


Sunday Sew In

I just joined the greatest group online. It is called Connectedthreadz It is like Facebook only for quilters!

Anyway they are having a sew in today. I don’t know exactly what it is to them, but to me it is motivation to get Christmas presents done.

I’ve never participated in a sew in. I have many, many projects I hope to finish and even get started for Christmas projects. I’m going to rotate from hand work, to machine work, to cutting etc. today trying to make a big dent in things.

It is only 2 weeks until Christmas and I only have less than a week before my girls are home. All 4 of them, plus my new grandbaby Emma and Sarah’s dear husband Jordan. (It is nice for Edward to finally have a guy around.)

Well if I’m on the computer, I can’t be sewing ¬†and sewing is what I need to do today, so I will post pics if I remember to take some.

Happy Quilting,