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Snowflake Ornament

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas! Christmas Ornaments I love Christmas and I love homemade Christmas Ornaments. Our tree is a hodge-podge of this and that we have collected over many, many years. It will never be featured in a magazine spread, but it is full of memories. Each year I try to do something new.

I am currently having a love affair with Wool and WoolFelt. I just love the stuff!!! It is so easy to work with.

This pattern was inspired by one I saw on the internet. The one above in the center is a snowflake, but if has a few things wrong with it. To begin with a snowflake always has 6 arms. It is a crystal and grows from the center out, so snowflakes can’t have a hole in the center. I know this doesn’t really matter, but when you live in Vermont, snow matters.

My Snowflake Ornament shared with you.

First download and print the Snowflake Ornament Pattern Sheet here.

Trace Large Circle Front onto Freezer Paper. Include lines for marking.
Cut open slits for marking. Iron freezer paper to felt. Staple through freezer paper and 2 layers of felt. This keeps everything from shifting Using a pen, mark the slits through the freezer paper. (This is the wrong side of the “front.”) Cut out circles. Repeat for background smaller circle on contrast fabric. Remove staples and freezer paper. Carefully cut the slit marks on these lines.

Gather edges with embroidery floss where the o’s are on the back of the front circle. Fold ribbon in half. Attach the ribbon to the background at one edge. Layer back (face down), background, and top (face up).

Stitch a running stitch all around large circles (through all layers) to hold in place. Do you like to make homemade ornaments? Do you give them for gifts? I would love to hear about them. If you have an interest in snowflakes I would recommend you read about Snowflake Bentley. He was a man who lived in Vermont who was the first person to really photograph and study snowflakes. He is an interesting Vermonter.


Mix it up

Do you mix-it-up? I mean do you mix machine work and hand work. I try to keep one of each project going at all times.

If you have been reading my blog you would think that I am a real machine enthusiast. If you knew me in person, you would probably wonder who is writing this blog….

In fact among my quilting friends I am perceived as quite the traditionalist. My loves are applique and crazy quilting with a strong emphasis on silk ribbon and beading. 🙂 I confess, I love handwork!

The problem with handwork is that it is time consuming. I just can’t get done everything I want to get done. (And I am not just talking about quilting, if you catch my drift.)

I am working to learn the art of machine quilting in hopes of upping my total finished projects, but….

I still love a good old needle and thread job.

  • Handwork is portable.
  • Handwork can be done at otherwise wasted minutes and hours.
  • It makes the hubby happy. I reach over and rub his feet every now and then when I’m sitting on the couch at night watching listening to the television.
  • It is worth the effort.

I really do find it rewarding!

My mom picked up this little kit and pattern about 3 weeks ago at the last Vermont Quilt Festival. I was able to finish the entire mat in just a few days. It is addictive.The Cat's Meow

It is called “The Cat’s Meow Candle Mat” by Bareroots. I just LOVE her style. The mat is very small. It’s finished size is only 8″ in diameter.

It probably isn’t very practical, but it is adorable.

It only take 3 very simple stitches to be able to complete this project.

  • The Whip Stitch
  • The  Back Stitch
  • The  French Knot

Tutorials for these stitches are coming soon….

I can’t resist a few closeups. (I’m like a grandmother….he he.)

Gray and White Kitty

The tiny mouse was fun to stitch.Siamese KittyThe mouse measures 1/2″ x 1/4″! It is tiny.




Playful Calico

Quick, the mouse is getting away!

Do you have a preference of hand or machine work, or are you like me and like to have a little of both going at the same time?

Well it is VERY HOT in this non-air conditioned sewing room, so until next time…. Happy Stitching!


Hot Stuff!


100% Wool Wall hanging.100% Recycled Wool!

We all know that wool is warm, but were you aware of how HOT wool is right now?

I see wool projects popping up in the quilt shops, in quilt magazines and even regular crafts and home magazines.

I have to admit that I am on a bit of a wool kick right now. If you try to work with wool you will see why it is so “HOT!” right now.

It is so easy to work with.

  • It doesn’t fray so you don’t have to turn under the edges or even finish the edges.
  • It is easy to find in thrift stores or your own home
  • You can use the tiniest scraps
  • The colors and textures are wonderful
  • It lends itself well to “primitive” work. This means it is supposed to look like a 3-year-old did it, so your first efforts are golden.

Tips for working with wool:

Be aware there are many different “wools” and wool blends.

A piece of fabric may be 100% wool or it may only be 20% wool. Some are called wool or woolfelt. Usually woolfelt has Rayon as the other ingredient. As long as the edges don’t fray you have to decide if you like the “look” of the different wools.

The important thing to remember is that you want you wool “felted”. This has nothing to do with what it is made of.

To felt your wool

1. Wash in Hot water with a little detergent and use a Cold water rinse.

  • Be sure to wash dark colors separately from light colors as they are likely to run.
  • Throw in an old pair of Jeans as this adds to the agitation action which felts the wool.

2. Dry in a Hot dryer until almost dry.

3. Steam press if necessary.

4. Check to be sure the wool is “felted”. It should have shrunk up and not fray at all on the edges.

5. If it is good, go ahead and use it in your project.

6. Some people recommend dry cleaning only. I haven’t been working with it long enough to give any recommendations, but I would try a cool hand wash with my own projects.

So go out and buy some wool and try to make some neat little gift or project or you can try to make this cool little pincushion here or how about a wool Christmas ornament?

Bear Pincushion

Wool Ornament

Star Ornament

This was made from an old sweater.

Happy Quilting!