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Diamond kitty

“Humm – Purr”

I’m working on the latest Free Motion Quilting challenge with Cindy Needham this month.

I have been learning so much this year and I can’t recommend it enough for any quilter. I, myself, being a hand quilting purist am having a wonderful time.

I haven’t actually began the tutorial, but Cindy recommends finding your sewing rhythm by simply sitting down at a machine and sewing.  She recommends listening to your machine and find that purrrrfect (that was me, not her.) sound your machine makes, not too fast, not too slow.

Here is what I was working on.

FMQ feathers


I was trying to find that rhythm. Trying and trying and trying

when all of a sudden I could hear it. I could actually hear that purring rhythm…..

Except, it wasn’t my sewing machine.



The source of the purr.


This is Diamond. She is one our many kitties. She thought my quilt just looked like a comfy place to crawl up in and sleep.

Now, do I move her or do I let her sleep? I certainly can’t sew with her on the quilt. That needle moving up and down is just too big of a temptation.  What would you do?


Diamond kitty

It is so hard

I find inspiration all around me. You may not know, but my husband and I own and operate a small farm here in Northern Vermont.

There are so many things that I find I would love to incorporate and share in my quilting.

  • There are geese flying overhead on a cool (cold) fall morning.
  • Cows mooing in the pasture.
  • Cats meowing and rubbing on my legs
  • Flowers in bloom.
  • Bright orange pumpkins.
  • Juicy red berries.
  • Buzzy Bees.
  • A Yappy, jumpy beagle pup wanting a walk.
  • Crisp red and green apples.
  • Crunchy corn stalks.
  • Roosters crowing and hens cackling.
  • Red and Yellow and Orange and Brown leaves on the trees.

It just goes on and on. There is so much to see and hear and smell and feel. How do you put all that joy into cloth and thread? I am not sure, but I am going to try.

The hard part is deciding on ONE project to work on. I need about 10 100 of me to do it all.

I guess one finished project that I can share with everyone is better than 40 unfinished ones…

Happy Sewing