Can you hear me squeaking in just under the deadline?

Today a friend of mine was commenting on how she was working on a project last week that wasn’t due until this week. Her dear hubby asked her why she was even trying because she knew she would get it done the day before it was due. She told me that, of course, he was right. She finished it last night.

A lot of people work best under pressure.

Maybe I’m in denial, but I don’t think I work that way. At least I try to get things done early….but not this month.

The Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) Challenge for September was quite fun.The host was Paula Reid. She had us follow a stencil.  I think that I am actually beginning to to get the hang of this a bit.

I decided since the pattern was given to us by PDF to just print it out on a tear away quilting sheet. I bought a whole stack of these a while ago.

It worked wonderful, until I went to remove it. This was very time consuming. I think I will use this technique sparingly.

I used 2 layer of batting in this quilt because I wanted the design to pop up and look full.

I had seen someone else in this challenge surround her design with pebbling to help it stand out. I haven’t done much pebbling so I decided to give it a try.

If I thought removing the paper was time consuming I was in for an eye  opener.

Pebbling is beautiful, but it is Very time consuming!!!!!!

From now on when I see pebbling on a quilt, I will have more appreciation for the quilter. This just goes to prove that not all machine quilting is faster!



Are you beginning to settle into a fall routine? Does it include any time for sewing, crafting or just any old “me” time? I would love to read or see what you are doing!

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