November FMQ challenge


I have to be honest with you. I didn’t think I would be able to finish up the year-long challenge. This time of year gets so busy.

I’ve been doodling in my little book, reading quilt magazines, doing some handwork, and cyber quilting (this means Pinterest, EQ, and Craftsy) but I haven’t been at my sewing machine for weeks.

I finally just grabbed some fabric and batting and followed Sarah Vedeler’s directions for swirls. It was easier than I anticipated. I truly believe this is because of the months and months of practice. The first time I saw swirls I was scared to death, scratching my head and sure I would never be able to do them.

I made this cute little purse out of my challenge piece. It went together in a snap.

One more Christmas present done and a challenge to boot. I’m thrilled!

Swirls are so much fun!

If swirls scare you I highly recommend you follow the tutorials at Sew Cal Gal’s FMQ challenge or if you are a visual learner like me try Craftsy.

It is an excellent platform for learning something new.

  • The classes are very affordable
  • You get to use them FOREVER!
  • You can watch them over and over
  • You can ask the teacher for help if anything is unclear, but they are so packed with information, that everything is very clear
  • You can share with others in your class
  • It is really cool and all accessible from your own home
  • They are on sale now.

I highly recommend the Quilting Negative Space with Angela Waters or the Free Motion Quilt Along with Leah Day.  They are both jam-packed with wonderful free motion quilting tips and techniques. I have taken both and enjoyed them so much. I will watch them again and again.

Online Quilting Class


  1. Pat says:

    Your swirls are beautiful – they flow around so naturally – you’ve mastered this one! I like that little cosmetic bag you’ve made from your sample piece – sweet!

  2. “Cyberquilting?!” I love it!! And here I thought I was procrastinating real quilting… ;-)

    I just saw that SewCalGal is considering extending the deadline for the final linkup of all 12 challenges, so if you’re still behind, you might be getting a reprieve. I personally didn’t find out about the challenge until June and I still have 4 challenges to make up in addition to December.

    Thanks for sharing about the Craftsy classes — I might have to check them out!

    • Quilty Stuff says:

      That would be wonderful if we did get a bit of an extension, although I am just doing this for fun. From now until Christmas is a little crazy for every crafter. Thanks for stopping by.

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