Enough already

As many of my regular readers know, I have been working on a long overdue UFO. This Unfinished project was started about 16 years ago. I am happy to report that I have made a lot of progress on this quilt. I now have the entire top pieced. All I have to do is add the borders.



I love the look of pieced borders, but they can be difficult to fit into place at times. My problem with this quilt is that there are two separate borders that are pieced together so they must fit exactly.

My 16 year ago cutting and piecing is so different from my today cutting and piecing that things aren’t working well together.

Mismatched Borders

Mismatched Borders

It has come to the point where I dread even going to my sewing room because I have to face that quilt.

No amount of pinning or easing is going to fix this problem.

Enough Already….

This quilt is stealing my joy…

It is stealing my time….

It is stressing me out…

So, it is going back in the suitcase. 

I’m a little sad that it won’t be finished right away, but I just don’t have time to deal with this right now.

I have too many things I want to do and struggling with this is not one of them.

I’m not giving up…I know exactly what I need to do to finish the quilt. It is just going to take a lot of time and I don’t want to devote that time right now.

It’s okay, this quilt is just for me and I can wait a little longer.

How is your quilting going? Is there something that is stealing your joy, it is okay to set it aside….

Have a Quilty Day!


3 thoughts on “Enough already

  1. Jean Usner

    Save those borders and finish the quilt with a print border or plain with appliqué. You could even cut the appliqué out of those pieces borders.

    1. Michelle Sargent Post author

      I haven’t given up entirely. I just need to pack this away for awhile. I love your suggestion of an appliqued border. I’ll dream about it for awhile and make a decision this fall or winter.


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