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These little jewels are another attempt to reduce my scrap basket. (I think they multiply while I sleep.)

Right now my sewing room is a little disorganized while I move it yet again. (I have lost track of how many times this makes.) I am thankful to have a sewing room and I am super thankful for a husband that is remodeling our house, but it isn’t very sewing friendly.

Anyway, my sewing is my escape, so my escape is in the form of hand work right now.

If you aren’t familiar with hexagons they are sewn in the EPP (English Paper Piecing) style. It is a very easy and relaxing form of quilting that is also very portable.



I bring my little papers and scraps along with me in the car, I bring them to doctor appointments, and even to work. I can sew a couple of these on my lunch break or when I have some down time. These are small hexagons. I like small projects. They measure 1″ across from edge to edge. I have seen much smaller hexagon quilts, but I thought this was a good size for a first project.


My problem now is deciding how I want to put them together. I started out sewing all my little flowers together like the picture above. I then thought they would look better with some white space, so I stated adding a row of light fabrics in between.


Now, I’m not so sure I like it. I would use both white space and non-white hexagons, except they don’t fit together right. Who knew?

I even started collecting hexagon quilts with all kinds of different hexagon layouts on Pinterest.

Have you ever made a hexagon quilt?

I’d love to hear which way you like it best.

Do you like the white or without the white? Would you sew them together differently?

Have a Quilty Day!



Folded Fabric Fun Potholders

Quick Gift Idea

I finally finished something.

Need a quick gift for Christmas?

These or any pot-holders go together really quickly.

Believe me, if I can find the time now to make these, you can!

Between work and school, my sewing room has been pretty quiet, but I finally finished this set of pot-holders. They were so easy to make.

I wonder who will get these for Christmas?

Folded Fabric Fun Potholders

Folded Fabric Fun

What special project are you working on for the holidays?


Until next time,

Have a Quilty Day!


Christmas Charm

Charm Quilt



I’m very excited about this! I’ve been wanting to write up more, but time hasn’t permitted.

I’ve had an article and pattern published in The Quilt Pattern Magazine. 


So many scraps, so little time…

Dig out those scraps or organize a charm exchange for your group. The Quilt Pattern Magazine is a high quality online publication. The patterns are all thoroughly tested and I think they are even offering a free trial subscription. Check it out and have some fun!


Help is on the way…

Check out the magazine for complete directions for organizing your own charm exchange or for lots of helpful tips on how to make this quilt including complete directions.

Christmas Charm

Christmas Charm Quilt


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Have a quilty day.





Do you own a button collection?

I think most quilters do.

My collection is pretty small compared to some of my quilting friends.


Button, button who has the button?

I don’t know why I have so many bright fluorescent colored buttons.

I do know that many, many of these buttons were cut off of old shirts and other clothing by my mother-in-law and my grandmother and my meme (I can’t add the accents). All of these women lived through the depression and the war and saved their buttons.

As a direct result of my families historical tendencies, I have a lot of pearly white buttons. These get in my way when I am looking for a certain color button.

Do you sort your buttons by color? That is what I am working on here, it will save me some time.  More time for quilting!

Have a quilty day!



Nope, I didn’t spell that wrong.

Have you heard about Pinterest? It works like an online corkboard where you can “pin” pictures from almost anywhere on the internet.


You can check out my boards here.

I can post quilts, stuff for the home, pictures of food that I would make if I had time… and so much more.

Warning: Pinterest is addictive! 

It has been a long day and I’m tired so I think I will have a little pin time.  Want to come join me? 



New Paper Piecing Method

Hi Quilting Friends,

I’ve been busy working  in the yard a lot lately and keeping busy with the kids home.

Today, while on a little break I found this wonderful blog post on Paper Piecing. The wonderful part is that there is no paper to remove.

Check it out for yourself. Why didn’t I think of this! I can’t wait to try it.

Let me know, if you try it before me, how you like it.

Have a Quilty Day!



Quilt Puzzle

I’ve been quiet around here lately. Classes and summer are consuming my time.

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I’m working on

quilt puzzle

I’m learning JavaScript and it isn’t all that much fun, but I did have fun making this puzzle.

Unfortunately, this puzzle doesn’t tell you you’ve won, but it is a fairly easy puzzle and I feel confident that you will know when you have solved the puzzle.

This puzzle will only be online for another month until the end of class, so enjoy it now while you can.

Have a Quilty Day!



Rag Quilt

How to make a rag quilt

          **  Free PDF Download of instructions is available here.**

This is a free tutorial because it is so easy and so much fun! If you are an experienced quilter you might want to share it with a friend, child or grandchild to get the hooked on this wonderful past time we call quilting.

It is a wonderful beginner quilt project.

This will make a lap or baby sized quilt approximately 35″ x 42″ perfect for snuggling under.

This quilt is easily made bigger.

Gather your materials:

4 yards of  flannel. (These can be 4 -one yd. cuts or 8- half yard cuts or 16 quarter yard cuts)

1 1/4 yd.  40″ wide  thin batting (this is a great way to use up those scraps of batting)



Cut your fabric into  9″ squares for a total of 64 (sixty-four) squares

Cut your batting into 7″ squares for a total of  30 (thirty)  squares


9 inch squares

batting for a rag quilt


Set 1 flannel square face down.

Place 1 piece of batting in the center of the square.

Set another piece of flannel right-side-up on top to complete the sandwich.


center the batting



Add  pins on each side to hold everything in place.


rag quilt block

Sew an “X” through the center of the flannel square. (I highly recommend a walking foot if you have one.)



Repeat 29 more times.

Putting the Quilt all together.

Arrange all the blocks in the order you like them.

Now you are going to sew all the blocks together.

Take 2(two) blocks and put them Wrong Sides Together (WST). This is different than you normally sew pieces together so I sometimes have to stop to think and make sure I’m doing it right.

Sew about 1 inch from the edge. First sew everything into groups of two and then sew the two into rows. (If this doesn’t make sense, it is okay because you can sew them in any order.)

Whenever you come to seams when you are joining groups Make sure the seams are pressed open! 

seams open

Make sure seams are open


Keep joining blocks or rows together until the quilt top is the size you want it.

Once the quilt is all together. Sew around the outside of the quilt 1 inch from the edge. This will close off the ends.

joining rows

Joining Rows


Finishing the quilt

Now, you just need to make all those little clips in the seams. Take your time.

Carefully cut the seams making sure you don’t cut the sewing line. Stay a good 1/8th of an inch away.

Your hands will get tired from making all these cuts so if this is a gift with a deadline allow yourself time to do the clipping. (Don’t try to do it all in one sitting!)

Now wash your quilt and dry in a dryer.

The more you do this the fuzzier the seams will look. Make sure you empty your lint trap often because you are going to get a lot of fuzzies.

My mom, who has made innumerable rag quilts recommends a trip to the laundry-mat for this job.


My kitty loves the warmth of flannel.

I have finished the quilt.  I just forgot to take a picture of it and it is gloomy and dark here today so I will add one when the weather cooperates.

Have you ever made a rag quilt?

Have a quilty day!



Spring is Here!

Here in Vermont we had snow this past week. It is gone now, but that, and the sudden death of a friend reminds me that you never know what each day will hold.

It has been quiet here where the Quilty Stuff live. I’ve been busy with Crazy Quilt classes and chipping away at a UFO (UnFinished Object). Don’t you love the moment a quilt goes from feeling out of control to finally emerging into what you had planned? I’ve hit that point…. Yeah!

Memes Quilt

If you are like me, spring and summer are very busy with many added tasks. There is certainly less time to spend at the computer or the sewing machine. Your day may end in a total different direction than you started, but that is okay. Find the good in it and enjoy.

Have a great day while you create, love, clean, help, learn, comfort, or whatever you are called to do today!

Do you have a few minutes and would like some quilting inspiration? Check out one of my Pinterest boards.


Have a Quilty Day!


Close up of blanket stitch

Buttonhole Stitch


Buttonhole Stitch or Blanket Stitch:



Buttonhole Stitch


Isn’t it funny how one stitch is known by several different names? This is an easy one once you get the hang of it. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t come easy at first, it will click at some point and you’ll have it forever more.

1. Start at the outside of the patch (A) on the left if you are right-handed and on the right if you are left-handed.

2. Insert the needle into the patch close to the edge (B). (1/4″ is a good distance to begin with.)

3. Bring the needle up at the edge of the patch in a straight line (C). Be sure to catch the thread under the tip of the needle.

Try to keep the stitches the same length and the same distant apart.

Close up of blanket stitch