Do you own a button collection?

I think most quilters do.

My collection is pretty small compared to some of my quilting friends.


Button, button who has the button?

I don’t know why I have so many bright fluorescent colored buttons.

I do know that many, many of these buttons were cut off of old shirts and other clothing by my mother-in-law and my grandmother and my meme (I can’t add the accents). All of these women lived through the depression and the war and saved their buttons.

As a direct result of my families historical tendencies, I have a lot of pearly white buttons. These get in my way when I am looking for a certain color button.

Do you sort your buttons by color? That is what I am working on here, it will save me some time.  More time for quilting!

Have a quilty day!



  1. Sarah says:

    Emma loves all your buttons. My button collection is much smaller, and less colorful.

  2. Jean Usner says:

    I do, but am finding it less useful as I have picked from it so many times that it has some fairly unuseable ugly and plain buttons left. I just can’t throw out the collection though.

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