Christmas Ornaments

Back Stitch Tutorial

Today we are going to practice……….

The Back-stitch 

While the back-stitch is not technically used to quilt, it is used by lots of quilters to embellish our works or art.

It is a very simple and effective stitch.

First of all you need an embroidery needle and some thread.

I recommend a Crewel #7 and embroidery floss, but you can use whatever you have on hand, just make sure the needle’s eye is big enough that the thread fits comfortably through it and it is not so big that it leaves a great big hole.

You can work with a hoop or not. Lots of people do, lots of people don’t. I won’t judge you, so please don’t judge me. (I don’t use a hoop for my hand quilting either.)


Ready to have fun??????

Thread you needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread.  (See above disclaimer…)

Come up through the fabric at  “A”

Go down through the fabric at “B” (try to get the thread in the exact hole of the previous stitch.) and

Come back up through the fabric at “C”

Your previous “A” is now the “B” that you go down through and just repeat and repeat.

It looks like this. It is much easier to just do it then to read about it..


  • Take small stitches. It will take a little longer, but look smoother in the end.
  • Try to keep your stitches equal distant.


Now what can you do with a back-stitch?

1. Put the date on a label or on the back of a homemade Christmas ornament. (Yes, it is time to start thinking about Christmas.)

Back of Christmas ornament

Work in Progress

Christmas Ornaments

Make some for yourself today. They make great gifts!

Have a Quilty Day!



Disclaimer: I am not a member of the Royal Academy of Needlework or anything like that. I do a lot of things the “wrong” way. I always have. It works for me, it looks good, it might work for you too. You can try it, if you don’t like it my way there is an internet full of other helpful sites and tutorials. 

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