August Fun

Prize Package

I won!

I was on my way to Tennessee to bring my DD#3 to college. We were in a hotel room and, of course, I couldn’t sleep. I was scrolling through my emails when I noticed the words “You are a winner.” It’s 3:00 in the morning so I thought it was just spam. It turns out it wasn’t. The next morning when I looked at the email a little closer I discovered that I truly had won something.

I was the July FMQing (Free Motion Quilting) Challenge winner.


I have learned so much through this Free challenge that SewCalGal has hosted. 


Prize Package

A spectacular collection of goodies!


There was

I wanted one of those SewSlip mats, but I hadn’t been able to find one locally. I love it! It makes a huge difference.

I already love Aurafil threads, but I am excited to try the thicker weights and the wool!

I haven’t tried the marking pencil yet, but it looks really cool.

I’m also supposed to be getting a pair of FMQing gloves and a DVD about binding.


I know this will sound cliche, but I feel that everyone who participates in this or any challenge is a winner. A challenge forces us out of our comfort zone, it stretches us as quilters, artists, people. It is really good for you. I had such little skill with FMQing before I joined in challenge and now my skills have really developed (and I really don’t spend very much time on them. I have kids, a garden, a job or two, a husband, a farm…. You get the picture.) After just a few short months I actually feel like I can confidently quilt something on my own machine and not be ashamed of it. None of us have the time to spend on the things we love, but if we don’t make some time, it is not going to magically appear.

Take some time for you today. Go do some quiltystuff or whatever you need to grow and recharge your batteries.

Thank you SewCalGal!




  1. Jeanne Prue says:

    Congratulations! You SO deserved to win! I also love the Aurafil threads. I’ve considered getting a SewSlip mat. What is it that you like about it? Does it make a difference in the quality of your stitching?

    I’m finally taking time to quilt! It’s a time crunch, grandson going off to college in 3 days, gotta get this big quilt done sort of thing. But quilting nonetheless. It feels SO good!

    • Quilty Stuff says:

      I love that it really reduces the drag when you are trying to move the quilt around. I haven’t tried it with a large quilt yet, but it must make a difference. It is much easier to get those smooth curves and it is easier to keep my stitch length consistent. It is well worth the cost. BTW this is the SewSlip II, not the Queen Supreme Slider, same size, same slip, much more affordable.

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